The publication linked below is a great idea you brilliant brainy boffins and it would totally work if the deniers played by the rules.
However, to use a sports-commentary-style baffling sporting metaphor: Team Science has shown up with their bat, ball and wickets ready to play and Team Denial has shown up, snatched Team Science’s equipment and used the stumps to crush their wind-pipes, the ball to crack their skulls and the bat to spank their asses. It isn’t a fair fight when the anti-science side has disdain for reality, reason, logic, truth, critical thinking, informed debate and the scientific method.

The dearly deluded people in my life that deny the science on climate change don’t really even understand the scientific method and have been swayed by Alan-Jones-bots straight-up lying and cherry-picking BS ‘factoids’ and feverishly ejaculating logical fallacies to support their science-loathing positions. My meatspace denialists wouldn’t even read this publication if I bribed them by promising to further enable their repulsive and destructive vices and remain silent so their careers weren’t obliterated.

“When you see rubbish, put it in the bin…”

Post a link to this publication on your social medias (without my rant) if you know people on the fence that could be swayed by the actual science and would bother to read it. Or just keep enjoying the climate, as a change is as good as a mass extinction.

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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