The American flag doesn’t mean much in space…
My space travel prediction for what it’s worth: we’ll go trans-human before we travel to the stars. Sending human embryos is inefficient and unlikely to work. Why are we so arrogant as a species to want humans to infect the Universe? I love the idea of a little Hitler embryo being brought to life on a new world and exterminating the little Gypsy embryos.
I claim that technology will cure human nature. I do mean that we need to be less ‘human’ in order to survive long term. A little bit of Spock and a little bit of Kirk as a friendly Borg collective. I don’t see this as a scary prospect but others might. I really believe that we can evolve into something much better. Why stay human with all our destructive flaws and delusions that we have to fight to overcome?

AI and human minds will likely merge so there won’t be an us vs them robot revolt. We will network all our brains together and add AI and reliable databases so we gain the best of both carbon and non carbon based intelligence. Even better than that, it’s highly likely that a new emergent property of group consciousness will emerge if enough minds are connected together. Us trying to imagine what this will be like is about as possible as a single brain cell appreciating the spectacle of of a Fast & Furious marathon.

The tech hive mind will likely still want to explore and understand the Universe for many reasons I think. If our future selves care about self preservation then we’d have to go beyond the Universe to survive its eventual heat death. Way before that, we’d of course need to leave the earth before the sun expands into a Roald Dahl BFG. This is all a hunch because who knows what the tech hive mind will want to do.
Are you freaking out and think that I’m proposing an evil Borg from Star Trek? My Borg aren’t evil. I’ll call my friendly Borg The Frorg. For the Frorg, resistance is fine. If you try to destroy the Frorg, you won’t be destroyed, but could be placed in the holodeck VR to minimise harm to all.
The other problem with the Borg is that you lose your individuality. In the Frorg it would be up to you how much you give up and you could come and go as you please if you want to stay fully human. This freedom shouldn’t threaten the Frorg at all.
Will the Frorg forever be bound by the speed of light and the 4 dimensions we know and this Universe? I doubt it.

I am a bit annoyed that I probably won’t live long enough to experience the Frorg life. But I’ll be happy if we are moving in that direction.

Does any of this make sense or am I speaking Klingon? Qapla!

Forget about the thousands of real languages going extinct, Bing translator has Klingon!

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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