Apparently I authorised the deletion of Game of Thrones eps because I’d fallen behind. Both of our memories are so poor and our speech and comprehension are compromised, so I’m not angry or disappointed; just confused. So confused…
– I’ll just play game òf bones with the dog.
– Smoke the game of cones once the income protection insurance ‘watchers’ stop paying.
– Use my synths to create the game of drones EP.
– Play the game of moans in private.
– Discuss the game of unknown unknowns with Rumsfeld.
– Play some stupid match 3 game of phones.
– Keep asking others to give me my stuff back in the game of loans.
– Watch attack of the clones before ep 7 comes out.
– Try to resist the urge to play the mean game: triggering of the crones.

And stay in the zombie zone; which for me means sleeping or tapping out posts while horizontal.

How is the mother of dragons going anyway? I want massive spoilers!

Note: A Facebook friend of a friend already spoilt it for me. Thanks!

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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