His tweets are fun to mock too
Critics say, “Don’t critique a movie unless you’ve seen it.” While I agree with the sentiment, does this mean I need to see all of After Earth with Will Smith and his ‘chip off the old wooden acting’ son Jojo? 
In the movie, Jojo had to be in a Zen-like bored shitless state to defeat the aliens. It took him way longer than me to get in this state.

Does this ‘walk in their clown shoes’ sentiment also apply to everything else? Don’t judge ISIS unless you’ve tried to incite God to start the countdown to the end times? Don’t judge Tony Abbott unless you’ve incited Islamophobia to save your bacon? Don’t judge Katy Perry unless you’ve squirted cream from your nipples? Don’t judge Alan Jones unless you’ve been arrested for indecent activities in a known London beat? Don’t judge Reclaim Australia unless you’ve been told off by Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham? Don’t judge Tori Spelling’s book by its contents? 
That’s enough from me. You can make more in your head…

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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