Migrating to WordPress for a brighter future?


I currently live with my blog on Blogger but have been told that ‘real bloggers’ who love freedom use WordPress. I certainly see a lot of people on other platforms who think that using big words in an obtuse style makes them great writers and this doesn’t seem to reinforce their superiority and persecution complexes at all, so perhaps WordPress could become my new spiritual home if I can find a way to migrate.

Should I escape the oppression that is inflicted on me on Blogger and become a blogging refugee pleading to other blogging platforms for a brighter future for my blog and me? How long will I have to be locked up in a detention centre before my case is heard and the screening process is conducted, after which I will be either deported back to Blogger or given a temporary visa for WordPress or Medium allowing me to slowly integrate into the new community and try to adopt their uniquely pretentious rituals and customs?

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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