New Year’s Message of Realism

new year meme

In this brand new year, your life will either get better, worse, stay much the same, or end. Me wishing you a great new year will almost certainly make no difference.

To those whose lives get better, do not automatically assume that you deserve it because you are a good person and have worked hard. It could be due to external factors out of your control and the randomness of the Universe. Enjoy the good times while they last and help others less fortunate while you can.

To those whose lives get worse, do not automatically blame yourself. You are likely a good person too who works hard. External factors and randomness will be at least part of the story. Survive this dark period and get help if you are struggling. Remember that being alive is almost always better than being dead.

To those whose lives stay much the same, neither great nor terrible, don’t get annoyed that you won’t be able to afford a bigger house and a better-looking, younger & surgically enhanced partner. You have everything you need to live a comfortable life. Help out others less fortunate, and remind those who are more fortunate to do much more to reduce human suffering.

To those whose lives will end this year, at least you’ll get a rest from President Donald Trump, Pope George Pell and Doctor Heathcliff Huxtable for a while before they join you up in Narcissist Heaven.

Happy New Year!

new year meme 2

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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