Domestic Violence Guidelines

We do not condone any form of domestic violence as defined by the law and will encourage the victim to press charges. We will do what we can to support all the victims and get help for the perpetrator.

– we encourage both the victim and the perpetrator to get legal representation  immediately from reputable practitioners.

– we do not victim shame or blame

– we do not close ranks and protect the perpetrator

– we do not downplay the seriousness of the domestic violence incident. Narratives like ‘he’s a good guy who just had a bad night’ are unacceptable.

– we try to ensure that the victim is not too afraid to tell the full version of the story and adds it all to the official report; and also prepares evidence of any prior incidents that may have been swept under the carpet

– we try to confirm that there are no other previous victims who have kept it secret

– we recommend that the victims seek mental health support to ensure that they will be able to cope with legal proceedings and to reduce ongoing trauma

– we recommend that any other people involved, especially children, receive mental health support

– we do not use slimy legal tactics to try to ensure that the perpetrator gets less than the usual punishment

– we get legal advice before posting anything on social media related to the domestic violence incident/s

– we will do extra above and beyond the legal punishment to prevent reoccurrence

– we will do what we can to minimise any further harm to the victims

– we will try to compensate for our varying degrees and types of brain flaws that distort reality to ensure that the matter is dealt with in a manner consistent with the current zero tolerance culture

– we will amend these guidelines as required in accordance with the latest findings regarding harm minimisation

References: 2012 Queensland Australia Act

Originally posted on Facebook after a domestic violence incident in my family. I wanted to be very clear what my wife’s and my position was on domestic violence. 

Please comment if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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