Account of a destructive relationship

A first-hand fictional account of a destructive relationship as told by the perpetrator. It was tough to write, but also cathartic. Fortunately, I’m not like this, but I have second-hand knowledge of this kind of behaviour and it’s beyond traumatic for everyone involved.

Full article currently being moved but can be emailed on request.

Excerpt: “She brought this on herself. The man who did a little bit of property damage and some light pushing wasn’t me. He looked like me but he was her demonic creation. She is a vicious succubus. She dragged me down to hell where she dwells with her posse of dumb, spiteful b*tches. I was left thrashing in the burning lake of fire with my mind chained up with white-hot shackles. I couldn’t leave her for mortal fear of what she would do to me. She managed to manipulate me into believing that walking away would be even worse than my relationship hell.”


Do you know anyone in your life like this, including yourself?

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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