Marriage Equality Rant!


PartyTime! (1)

The written word just couldn’t encapsulate my extreme frustration at the NO campaign during this 2017 arduous marriage equality postal survey in Australia. Others far more level-headed than me, such as Jennifer Wilson, are well-worth reading for their rational coverage of the Glasgow-kissing absurdity of it all.

So I made a very short video violently headbutting my YES vote. Dumb yes, but I think not nearly as dumb as the arguments against same-sex marriage. (Okay I cheated and the form was a photocopy; the real one was marked clearly YES with a pen!)

If you want more; something different and aurally violating, take a listen to my ranting podcaster Brett aka Skullf*cker growl at you for 40-odd minutes IN FAVOUR of same-sex marriage. NSFW 18+ (Also included are the standard arguments against marriage equality from an Australian Catholic Educator called Kevin Donnelly whom Skullf*cker describes as a ‘Pell pudding custard f*cktard’. No idea what that means!)

Had enough? No? Well this audio clip mashup I spent far too long making shows just how much more absurd the NO side is. It might tickle your gay genes and flip your pancake! YES, it’s NSFW 18+ too and includes lots of taboo words. It’s very tempting to do a remastered version including the latest Tony Abbott head butting fiasco, but again, Jennifer Wilson sums it up deliciously:

“And the week finished on a spectacularly self-mutilating note for the No side, with Cory Bernardi and Tony Abbott inadvertently exposing the dark spite at its crippled heart through a couple of straw-clutching stunts that only served to reveal the dire lack of substance in the anti-marriage equality tripe.”

Are we there yet? Yep, only two more months of this! God I hope your god is happy with himself. My god is me and I am terribly displeased! I’m very real too. You don’t want to anger a living all-powerful vengeful god, do you?

VOTE YES if you haven’t done so already!

Disclaimer: All this has been paid for by the gay mafia. I must do everything they say or DJ Funknukl will headbutt me and Josh Thomas will force me to like him!

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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