About Us & All Humanity

Saving humanity and all is great, but we’ve steered more towards offensive comedy to smash cultures together into an amorphous blob. Check out Man Brain podcast!


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Previous attempts at World Peace:

Follow this blog, read, laugh, think, donate. Contact us at theemergencestartsnow@gmail.com and accomplish the three missions and chant the nine mantras to receive the 17 eternal M-brane healing frequencies from Dave Chaffey Hippie, The Founder of The Emergence Starts Now blogging-nonagon.

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The Founder shines light into our darkest holes by reminding us to constantly follow the three missions:

+ 1% of our wealth to charity

+ 1% tithing to The Emergence Starts Now

+ 1 volunteer hour per week

+ 1 kindness landmine per day

and chant these nine mantras:

+ we are deeply flawed and deluded

+ we dissolve into the tech hive mind

+ we live in peace, love and harmony

+ we love all people

+ we show humility and kindness

+ we ‘pull up’ those most in need

+ we volunteer our time

+ we give & accept donations

+ we pay taxes

+ we modify these guidelines

Troll me under a bridge, you sexy oaf.

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